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04 Sep 2022

Performance Appraisal

“I have a performance review coming up soon .I do not want it to be like the rest of the reviews I have had, fruitless. I would like to create an impression and make sure I press all the right buttons, generally, have a good review. I really need this to be a positive experience for me so I can take steps to improve in the future. My employers are good, always willing to listen and help us towards learning and achieving company goals and targets. Help me make this appraisal a fruitful one”.


This issue forms a strong basis for how most people are viewed at work and selected for promotions. Performance reviews are an opportunity to make sure your career does not only grow tremendously, but also that your employers and superiors also notice this major change.

You have also done well by pointing out the attitude carried around by your employers and the fact that it is a positive one geared towards productivity and results. This is important because some employers, irrespective of performance may just be “out to get you” through overloaded in-trays.

DO NOT let the review come as a surprise to you. Schedule a meeting with your manager ASAP and seek to know how you can develop a clear action plan for the remaining period of the year. This can be done by asking a few questions:

What specific goals am I required meet this year? And make sure you quantify these. This assists to help you and the manger focus on both of you need to do the most. Write them down for the sake of review and providing examples in the next review.

What is the difference between average and outstanding performance? This allows your manager to open up and tell you exactly what she perceives to be great performance and normal or average. This is the same as asking,”What do I need to do to have the top rating for these objectives?”

How to Can I improve the way I work? This is more or less a soft-skill question. Your manager might be stuck on what kind of a response you are looking for, so give him some rope….point out areas where you might want to get better, like teamwork, communication, consulting etc. it would not be a bad idea to offer a suggestion of someone in the company who is perceived to be a good performer.

I’d like to check in with you quarterly so we’re on the same page about how I’m performing. Would that be okay? This is the best part of a performance appraisal because it lets you take the bull by the horns. If your manager does not get into this you can take the initiative. After discussing the what, how and when related to your job performance, make sure to thank him for taking the time to go through it with you. This somehow reaffirms your commitment to growing, developing, and improving as an employee—and in your career.

Last, if you book quarterly appointments for reviews, make sure you keep them.

Kindly talk to our career coach department in case you need to tailor make your solution. All the best.

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