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Customer Testimonials

Bright Achievers is focused on results and has had the distinct pleasure of helping clients in a variety of industries overcome the issues that slowed and sometimes prevented outright success. Here’s what some of them had to say about us:

Radiant Hospital
‘I particularly liked the open discussion and friendliness of the trainer. He was very passionate to educate us. I’m impressed ‘.
‘The training was very good. Maybe more time should be allocated next time’
‘My highlights for the training were on importance of delegation and strategic planning process. I liked that the trainer concentrated on the subject matter without irrelevant stories. I’d be interested in similar topics like Total Quality Management’
‘The customer service training was well delivered and I hope to change my practice in a positive way through the knowledge acquired ‘
‘The role plays and group discussions made the training more interesting’.
‘The facilitator came across as an intellectual who is competent and spoke on the various topics with ease. I’d definitely recommend him’.