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18 Sep 2022

Advanced Ms Excel Skills

Is data analysis part of your day to day life? Do you use Excel for nothing more than for its spreadsheet functions? It is very easy to down look the potential of Microsoft Excel if you use it superficially. There are several organizations that use MS Excel primarily for all their accounting and data analytics needs. Whether you want to do basic arithmetic for your home budget or tabulate a list of items in a systematic manner, or even keep records for your business, MS Excel worksheets can be customized for such. By default, MS Excel is made up of a workbook which can contain as many worksheets depending on the need. Worksheets ensure that various sections and departments within the same organization are pooled together to enable interwork sheet relations and references.

Using MS Excel, you can not only process basic data into sensible information, but also present it in a logical manner. Organizations end up having lots of data from an operational and transactional level. However, it will only make sense to the organizational management if it the data is displayed in a well summarized manner. MS Excel can be used by SME’s as an affordable Management Information System (MIS) solution. It has the ability to process and articulate transactional and management data for futuristic decision making.

Such strides can be achieved easily by carefully learning and applying features and functions of MS Excel application. Concepts such as interwork sheet referencing, conditional formatting, V-look up, H-look up, Pivot tables and Charts are very useful.

Here are some of the benefits of having advanced skills in Excel;

  1. Increases your employability – If you are looking for a new job, your probability of getting hired is higher when you have Ms Excel skills since companies rely on Excel to process and present data. If you are eyeing a higher position in your current employment, possession of advance Ms Excel skills will improve your work speed, efficiency and productivity thereby giving you a huge leg up against your competition.
  2.  Improves your skills – Ms Excel is not just about data entry. With advanced Excel skills you are able to visualize and manipulate data, clean up data, create tracking systems, analyze information and solve business problems with various advanced excel functions.
  3. Makes your work easier – Ms Excel has features that can make loads of your work easier. The more proficient you are with excel, the easier you are able to navigate through the systems, and the more time you save hence improving your productivity at the workplace.

To advance your skills in Ms Excel, hands on approach is the best through physical classes which can be booked here – Book now! Or Virtual Classes by clicking here – Book now!

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